Why Content Marketing Fails By Rand Fishkin

Why Content Marketing Fails
Why Content Marketing Fails

Awesome slides by Rand Fishkin on Why Content Marketing Fails and How to prepare an effective content marketing strategy. He defines 5 reasons why content marketing strategy might fail:

  1. You did believe the biggest story content marketing ever told the world
  2. You Generate content without considering the community
  3. You are investing in content creation, but not in it’s improvement
  4. You forgot about the most important factor of content: SEO
  5. You gave up so quick.

Why Content Marketing Fails


I think promoting your “epic content” is a long term investment. If you’re creating content that will be highly valuable and relevant a year or two from now, don’t stop promoting it.

I’m sure now you got some idea about Why Content Marketing Fails boy now I wanna share with you how to avoid it.

How to do it:

  1. Continue experimenting with different FB audiences
  2. Continue to link building and do outreach using Brian Deans Skyscraper method and other mutually helpful link building methods.
  3. Mention it and link to it in your future content efforts when relevant.
  4. Add it to your email newsletter template.
  5. Continuously experiment with different channels/platforms (outbrain, nrelate etc.)
  6. Set Google alerts/Mention alerts for relevant keywords to find opportunities to bring up the resource in Q&A/Forum sites and on Social Media.