One look at the results that Google or any search engine presents you and you will surely be left thinking: why is my web page not coming up the first page? You may not also like the idea that your competitor is always on top of the rankings while your own site seem to disappear from the face of the web. How did it happen?

These questions are often being asked by novice bloggers and online marketers, who would latch onto anything just to maintain a consistent traffic to their websites—regardless if it would mean throwing sense out the door. The SEO experts’ suggestion? Use a keyword density checker.

What is keyword density checker ?

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If you are familiar with keyword density in SEO writing, this tool may not sound new to you. The keyword density checker is a web application that lets you check the frequency of certain words against the total number of words in an article or a blog post. Specifically, it presents the figures in percentages to give you an idea of a whole; that is, you will see how many keywords are taking up the entire content. It is a handy tool that replaced the manual counting of words using a distinct formula: keyword frequency ÷ total number of words × 100.

How to Use keyword density checker

The steps in using a keyword density checker varies from one site to another as there are certain features which are not shared in all analyzers. Still, a basic checker has a text box for which to type in the article or paste it from a word processing program. It may even have a text box for placing the URL of a web page, whose contents you would like to scan for keyword density.

A good keyword density checker should be able to scan texts immediately after copy-pasting the content or inputting the URL. Once the results appear, you can now analyze the figures it presents such as the keyword density, the total number of words and the frequently used keywords.

Aiming for the Ideal Keyword Density

The ever-changing algorithms in many search engines such as Google often lead to confusion among those who use a keyword density checker. They usually ask how many percent is the ideal density for a web article or blog post. Unfortunately, there is no secret formula as to how often you should use a keyword in order to make it rank high. What works for the other may not be similar to another article.

Still, many SEO experts who suggest the use of a keyword density checker believe that there is a consensus as to the ideal keyword density in most web content. For a 500-word article, the keyword density must not exceed 2%. On the other hand, longer content can get away with over 2% especially if the keywords are distributed evenly.

Another consideration for those who use a keyword density checker is the reputation of their sites. It has been observed that established sites can frequently use a keyword without incurring penalties from the search engines.

Suggestions for Users

The use of a keyword density checker can be maximized if combined with the right strategies. One technique is to write content first and optimize it later. After all, you want your page to be relevant and useful in order to avoid getting banned from search engines.

Another way is to keep a natural flow of information in the content. A keyword density checker can help you detect the ideal positions for keyword placement in the article or a blog post, as well as suggest a minimum frequency so you can avoid nonsensical repetitions.