How You Can Use Google Analytics for your business to Increase Your Earnings

Use Google Analytics for your business

Use Google Analytics to increase your earnings from your business. This tool empowers small businesses to monitor the progress of their business online. Monitoring allows you to get insights from your web traffic. Acting on these insights is what will increase your business profitability.

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What Google Analytics Is:

Use Google Analytics for your business

Google Analytics is a free analytics service from Google. It allows anyone who has a Google account to use it as part of their search engine optimization (SEO) process and for marketing purposes.

The service provides free tools to monitor web traffic and to collect insights from web visitors.

How Google Analytics Can Increase Your Earnings

Use Google Analytics for your business to increase earnings. Here are at least three ways:

  1. Use it to test and identify keywords with the highest conversion rate. Build your web content around these keywords so that:
  •  You will increase your website visitors,
  • Your website will rank higher in the search engines, and
  • You will get more leads that are more likely to convert.
  1. Find out content in your website that has high engagement. When you use Use Google Analytics for your business, it allows you to measure your unique page views as well as the amount of time your visitors are spending on specific content. From statistics, you will be able to identify what content is trending as well as what content interests your traffic the most. You can then serve your traffic with high quality content based on their interests to increase their engagement.
  1. Understand your audience. This is critical since satisfying what your audience needs and expects is the best way to keep them coming back to your website. You will be able to:
  • Build rapport with your web traffic.
  • Get them to trust your business.
  • Nurture mutually beneficial relationship with them.
  • Turn them into loyal customers.
  • Get them to recommend your business to their connections.

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Use Google Analytics for Your Business

How to Get Started

Getting started to use Google Analytics is easy. All you need is a Google account. If you don’t have one, you can create your account on the Google Analytics page. Just click the green button on the upper right hand corner that says “Sign In to Google Analytics”.

Log-in your credentials (email and password) or click “create an account”. With your Google account, you can then proceed to accessing the Google Analytics service. On the upper right hand corner of the page, click the button that says “Sign Up” to start using the service free of cost.

After signing up, use Google Analytics for your business. Choose the solution you need from the following: (a) free analytics to improve your business, (b) analytics that allows you to measure how your mobile apps are performing, and (c) analytics that gives you all the solutions you need to drive high business performance.

Here is great tutorial by Google to help you Use Google Analytics for your business and assist you get started :