Im writing for you to let you know how you can overcome the hassle of having your SEO traffic generation for real. Not just spending hundreds of dollars on traffic without a profit coming out of them have a quick read!

In relation to on line business success, site visitor’s era shouldn’t be the of your everyday achievement to make good profit out of what you expensed.


Even though it’s far glaringly essential but the entire site visitors in the international won’t translate into earnings in case you turn your head away from what I got to tell you.


It’s a piece of pancake to get intimidated by traffic-visitors-site jazz; visitors attitude usually won’t assist your business except you have got these different key basics are there in your site.

What Might be as Important as SEO Traffic Generation?


  • Why SEO traffic generation driving may not be your road of business
  • There are probably 5 large mistakes in your cutting-edge SEO traffic generation technology strategies.
  • What those big online players rather put their attention on
  • The unfortunate fact about how people do online shopping
  • The more unfortunate fact about human distraction in virtual world
  • So what do I have to tell you

Content Marketing and SEO Traffic Generation Problems

SEO traffic generation

As the first step, let’s be clear that I am commonly known as SEO guru, but for the very motives that will be shown apparent underneath, my predominant business is advertising via email.


Even with Google’s countless updates, few SEO traffic generation can help you maximize your profit of search engine optimization, if arranged well.


But, SEO commonly only brings sparkling results in a website. What comes after new visitors arrive in your site will decide whether you’re a hit online or not, that easy!


It’s not how many browsers will end up to a website at beginning – that’s fixated search engine optimization thinking that goes nowhere.


If new people have a peak at your web site, go away, never show up again and you cannot, what was the use of those visitors in the event that they didn’t purchase or have interaction once they showed up? And more or less no one buys from a brand new internet site at first peak not before any pre-promoting like word of a mouth from another person list of email subscribers.


So in case you’re suffering on line to make money or you aren’t satisfied with your present level of online earnings from SEO traffic generation, dig deep into what occurs whilst and after new visitors end up in your website.


That’s partly because of the overdose on SEO traffic generating mind-set craving increasingly trend of visitors each day. It’s not long ago since I figured the destructive aspect of such extreme mindset of mine on SEO traffic generation. Wasted visitor voids out all the effort of getting the leads and I lost loads – way than I can even calculate.


The only exercise that super hit businesses operating online are focused on is building a prolonged base of repeat clients and talking frequently with them via email. This has been a lost piece for vast majority of online marketers that are trying their best for SEO traffic generation.


Are you keeping in touch with customers thru e-mail to establish a strong and extended base of business relation as one of every day to-do-tasks?


Consider the 10 SEO traffic generation products you got on line recently. How did you know about them to and even remembered to buy them out of many options available?


Email did the magic …eh?


More than that, you are reading this most likely, because this site has been in contact with you via email.


So the trouble with any sort of SEO traffic generation, paid or complimentary, is that it brings new visitors and is not able construct the relationships which you want to build, maintain or develop an e-business. And here is why:


SEO traffic generation problem #1:

Majority of consumers don’t make a purchase from a new website on right away or even after last visit. That is how they are and is supported with the huge lists of research e.g.

SEO traffic generation

Source: Ecommerce Insiders.


So if large number of your hard-earned visitors don’t purchase on that first time, your business is left with nothing.

SEO traffic generation problem #2:

SEO traffic generation

Nowadays, people are more unfocused than their ancestors. Our attention span is shrinking each day despite the fast development in information technology.


Usually, we, humans, have tones of browser tabs/windows open, don’t you? And what were the new websites you visited for the first time last time you sat at your work station or any other time?


No matter how epic and tremendous your website is, your website is competing in a close race with great deal of different superb web sites. Meaning that your potentialities and leads are surprisingly distracted.


Here’s a few studies published in times displaying visitors of a brand new online page spend close to zero time on it; much less than 15 seconds.

SEO traffic generation

Source : Time

15 seconds is not enough time to do any good type of sale, be offline or online. So as your visitors are not reminded about you or even your products, then their departure is final.


Looking into those high tech SEO traffic generation clubs, you will be amazed how these hardcore SEO gurus waste their time as they have genuinely no relation-build-up mechanisms for poke-headers to their website. As they get into SEO traffic generation atmosphere, you probably won’t get a chance to think about what happens after visitors get there? How to keep the relation? Even thought maintaining a conversation with online visitors can be a piece of cake right now.

SEO traffic generation problem #3:


Thirdly, as we mentioned about the tight competition in the SEO traffic generation world and online marketing, not all strong players on that niche will forget about the importance of email-relation.


We all hate the never-ending stream of emails we get just because we want to be an affiliate, and we know that growing number of unread emails only means that we gotta delete those type of emails ASAP. However, the email-relation shouldn’t be an affiliate email type rather can be done to improve your list building for future use.


SEO traffic generation problem 4:


What is the possibility that the new visitor is ready to shop precisely after (for 15 seconds) they end up at your website? In spite of how perfect your services or products is nowadays, as the web becomes more crowded with groups, your service or product must be higher than just suitable, it has to be extravagant. This way you will manage to maintain the clients you had already and not to pull any lead in.


So either your web page visitors are equipped to shop for that (likely)15 click of seconds as they get in or there is no sale or profit.


SEO traffic generation problem #5:


As an online business, we are not competing in comparison battle between products; rather you are in contest of showing off your products and business.


In other words, people are too busy and no more concentrated to do comparisons of features and price, but they will go for what appears in front of them more and more.



For instance, hostgator and bluehost are not the best international website hosting? Their lowest products, serving most clients, have very vintage servers and are hugely overloaded with accounts.


In case you currently have website hosting there, take a look at your website online load over at loadimpact.Com

This is so true to an extent that, as any of the websites hosted on the ones historic servers get a great deal traffic at same time, their web page load flies skyrocketing, or may never load to begin with. Still, hostgator and bluehost are noticeable online.


And through their ubiquitous visibility, they appeal to hundreds of latest clients every day. That’s what your online businesses require as a second priority aside from SEO traffic generation.


So what to do about these concerns?


There are many opportunities you can develop considering the number of SEO traffic generation on your website. They range from engaging visitors, keeping a relation with them while not bugging their inbox with begging requests to buy your products.

Boost SEO Website is a great example of that

On top of that, these opportunities are very cheap and easy to implement. If established correctly and with enough care, you can sit back and monitor how they operate automatically; you may need to tweak your setting here and there just to increase the speed of which your business is making money.


How to improve SEO traffic generation?

Alternative 1: e mail marketing


As said before, emails can be harmful if not put out correctly but that doesn’t mean you should entirely throw it out of the window.


If you still don’t agree on how email marketing can be true relation-building tool look at: eben pagan’s $20m+/yr in dating assisstance, brendon burchard’s $10m+/yr, british airways, amazon, appsumo, groupon, spotify, uber, jeff walker, pat Flynn and matt woodward.


And don’t panic about entailing all those work for framing up contents and cosmetics of the emails. Yes, you do need a god number of them once visitors are hooked and you need to follow up, but you can use information form lots of other sources for that. Viola! You are done with most of the work after landing web page and a few SEO traffic generations.


Just like in real world, aka offline shopping, costumers would initiate a conversation with salesperson; already know the brand from experience or a friend referral before buying the product. Now, you want to reflect that in virtual word. Meaning that email conversations, instant chats and presence in social media has to be your focus for building a relation. These can all be done in a blink of an eye compared to what technologies we had 5 years a go.


Personal experiences showed us that grabbing a tool, which would essentially be an email, to hold on to your visitors for the life of their virtual presence is the key drive for your business.


Option 2: Reroute the Target/Market


Retargeting (‘remarketing’ as per Google) is email marketing’s little brother which would help your business the same way. Here is how it works; Say you visit a knitting site and they understood and implemented retargeting. So, even though you are off their site, banner commercials of the site will pop in front of your eyes as you browse other unrelated websites like cnn, bbc or a website about second hand yachts.

SEO traffic generation

Right here are some examples of websites retargeting me from my preliminary visit to their internet site, be aware how their banner ads ‘followed’ me to other web sites that don’t have anything to do with their area of interest:


This is how you will have a semi-relation built up with your visitors on the background and as they are away from your site. You should note though that this also has to be done properly and tailored to fit each visitor and their habit of browsing.


In summary, don’t forget about the little brother of email marketing and make sure your new offers are shown on your ads. Do take care of both brothers at same time, as they complete each other and enhance your SEO traffic generation.

Option 3: Like it to Unlock it!


As the last step, you can utilize the content-locking strategy to make your website content go viral. That’s by allowing visitors to read the content once they like, post on their FB wall, +1 your link on the social media accounts. If you couple this tool with email marketing – meaning that your site easily asks and gets email addresses- then you are a winner, as your SEO traffic generation has been used efficiently.


Be aware though the facebook does not allow the practice on their site since late 2014 and they may extend that to outside facebook as well.


Personally speaking, I have tried it and works just fine as I had no issue with traffic.


So that’s how you step up your SEO traffic generation!

SEO traffic generation

  • GET,GET and get your visitors’ email addresses, build a relation by communicating true and informative content and yes you can garnish it with some of those good offers of your businesses’.
  • Connect with one of the online ad companies like Perfect Audience adroll or google adwords so they have the code to your web site set up for your ads. You can then play with banners and monitor how visitors reacts.
  • Spread the viral content by “like it to unlock it” strategy.


The Gist of This:


As a small business, you are being challenged in many ways and one is the SEO traffic generation when it comes to your website. It gets more expensive, competitive and your audience is no more focused as they were before. However, if you count on your visitors and their value, as in treating them as human beings not just statistics, you will get ahead of your game.


In order to treat them humanly, you need to get in touch with them, provide them with useful information, show them your presence as they are browsing on net and motivate them to spread your contents to their circles of friends and tweeties. This way your effort for SEO traffic generation will drop by many times as your business earnings increase.