Before we discuss how to SEO a website, we need to give you the fundamentals of SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a commonly misunderstood approach and many people, most especially those who are new to running a website, are still using techniques that are a thing of the past.


Now that Google has released Panda to rank websites higher, it has become harder—or easier, depending on how you look at it—to rank higher in search pages. Today, you can no longer rank high just because you stuffed your website with keywords.

 So How to SEO a Website ?

how to seo a website

Never forget the basics when performing SEO strategies to improve your rank. Forgetting the basics is similar to not taking a bath, but spraying on expensive colognes. You are just basically masking your stench.


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Think of Your Website as a Cake

Cakes have many layers and they have icing too. The first step on how to SEO a website is to make sure you have the right foundation.

In our analogy, the social media and backlinks are like the icing. Too much of it does not make your cake better. It is important that you have the right infrastructure, which means you have your own domain name and that you are hosted properly.

The second most important thing is content. This is the flavor of the cake. Search engines are too smart to know now whether your content is spam or if it offers something of value to the reader.


Know What Search Engines Hate

The second tip on how to SEO a website is to understand what search engines mark as a shady tactic and thereby avoid them. Search engines do not like the following:


  • Keyword Stuffing – too much keyword in the contents or metadata is flagged as spam or black hat. Search engines can delist you if you do this. Keep your keyword density between 2% to 6%.


  • Purchased Links – search engine robots know if the links are organic—or normal—or of they are purchased. The algorithms are too smart to put one and one together and conclude whether the links naturally occurred or if they are bought.


  • Poor User Experience – if the website is lagging, if it has too many ads, or if it is too difficult to navigate, chances are your website will be poorly indexed and thus rank lower.


  • Useless content – the number of shares for your site is an indicator of content value. The number of authority sites that link to you is also a figure you need to watch out for. This is why it is important that you submit high quality content to article directories and link them to your site.


Optimize Different Channels

how to seo a website

The third method on how to SEO your website is to make use of the different social media channels that can backlink to your website. Use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn.

These are the most powerful authority sites that can help improve your rankings if your contents are shared.


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SEO to Your Internal Links

Another strategy on how to SEO a website is to utilize internal links. Internal links are clickable links from one webpage that will take your reader to another page on your site.

As much as possible, you need to use descriptive texts that are hyperlinked instead of using images.


In addition, try to avoid hyperlinking words like “click here” to a page entitled “ How to SEO a Website ” because search engines will not be able to index the word appropriately.

What happens is that Google will index the keyword “click here” instead of the longtail keyword “ How to SEO a Website .”

This will make the robots think that this page is not so relevant with your chosen keyword. After all, search engines are looking for exact matches.