It pays to know how to get backlinks. Earning backlinks is a surefire way to increase your ranking in Google’s search engine results page (SERP). However, this only happens when you earn natural and quality backlinks that Google wants. Otherwise, adverse effects may happen to your ranking.

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Improve Your Content

how to get backlinks

The first thing you need to do is to check your site’s content. Make sure that you have high quality and relevant content to gain high quality backlinks.

High quality content will also earn for you natural backlinks. This favors your site, especially with Google’s constant release of updates to get rid of spam content and websites.

 How to Get Backlinks ?

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Here are two tips on how to get backlinks through your content:


  1. Write for your audience. The interests of your audience are more important than your own. Make sure you are quenching their thirst for relevant content.


  1. Make your content comprehensive. The more comprehensive your content is, the greater the chances you can earn quality backlinks. And the more quality backlinks you earn, the higher up you can place in Google’s SERP.


Leave A Comment On “Do Follow” Blogs

how to get backlinks

The search engines love blogs. This is because blogs provide audiences with new and fresh content. Hence, another effective way on how to get backlinks for your website is to leave relevant comment on blogs.


Find blogs that are “DoFollow”. Some blogs have a “NoFollow” attribute to protect them from spam comments. Choose blogs with consistent posts that are high quality and relevant to your own content.


Build Links With Influencers

how to get backlinks

Within your content, build links with the influencers in your niche. Make sure, though, that the link is necessary. You do not just connect your content for the sake of earning backlinks from the influencers.


It also pays to notify the influencers about the link. Never expect them to link back. Some will, if they find your content compelling.


However, these influencers are more likely to mention you in their social media accounts. You therefore earn not just quality backlinks, but also promotional mileage that will increase your traffic.


Increase Your Knowledge Of Link-Building

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You have to know the rules of link-building to generate backlinks for your website. This is especially true with Google’s constant update releases. Specifically, learn how to get backlinks by knowing what quality backlinks mean and how they can influence your SEO ranking.


You will know that a backlink is of high quality when it is:


  • Relevant to the needs and wants of your audience
  • From a trusted or reputable site on the Web
  • Capable of earning traffic for your website
  • Related to your content and uses similar or related keywords or key phrases
  • From unique sites or sources other than your current backlinks
  • Natural and not bought or is a result of link exchanges


Promote Your Content On Social Media

how to get backlinks

Build your backlinks by promoting your site and its content on social media. For instance, you can tap Facebook’s massive built-in audience to connect with: (a) target audience, (b) influencers in your niche, and (c) other website owners or administrators.


Understand What Makes Others Want To Link Back To Your Site


Understanding why others will want to link with your content gives you an advantage on how to get backlinks. These are:


  • You have unique content that is engaging, trustworthy, and relevant to their needs.


  • You have the content that they may want to publish in their own websites or blogs.


  • Other websites trust your reputation and they know that your content will earn for them quality backlinks as well.

Google favors high quality backlinks. Building your links is one of the surest ways to perform better on the search engine results page. Do follow the tips above on how to get backlinks, and see how your site will improve its SERP ranking.