Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a set of techniques that can make search engines love your websites more in this article I want to explain How to do SEO for Website. it’s so obvious that if search engines love or favor your site a lot, they will frequently show your website’s link in the search engine results pages or SERPs.

If that happens, expect that more people will go to your site via the links in those SERPs. But what is SEO and how does it work exactly? How can search engines “love” or even “favor” your site? Well, if you want to know how to do SEO for website, continue reading.

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How to Do SEO for Website: The Search Engine

How to Do SEO for Website: The Search Engine

When the first search engine was conceived, it was just a simple search program — just like the one that you use in your computer when looking for folders or files. But now, search engines have transformed into a much larger program.

Instead of just looking for folder or file names on its database, search engines can now weigh and even compare the relevance of the contents of all the pages on its database.

A few of the prominent search engines on the Internet are Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Most people make sure that their sites are optimized for these three search engines.

After all, they are mostly the search engines that people use. And getting shown in the search engine results pages of those three gives any page or website a lot of exposure.

How to Do SEO for Website: The Index Crawlers

How to Do SEO for Website: The Index Crawlers

How do the search engines create its database and even check the content of other websites? Do they scour the Internet whenever a person does a search?

The answers to those questions, respectively, are: They rely on their spiders or crawlers; and no, they do not check the whole Internet whenever someone searches for something.

Crawlers or spiders are small text-based programs that trawl the Internet for new, modified, and missing content or Web pages.

They move around through the links of the pages they are in. If a page does not have links, it will go back. Crawlers are one of the most inportant parts to focus for answering how to do seo for website question!.

The main jobs of crawlers are indexing those pages they visit and update their search engine’s databases. Due to that, instead of searching the entire Internet for something, search engines only need to check on its huge database whenever someone searches.

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How to Do SEO for Website: The Algorithm

How to Do SEO for Website: The Algorithm

Search engines have their own unique algorithms to help them provide the most relevant and useful search results. Nobody exactly knows how the algorithms work except for the ones who made them.

However, SEOs (Search Engine Optimizers) have fair ideas on how those algorithms work. And they can be summed up into some simple rules:

  1. Spamming keywords is not a good idea.
  2. The content of a page must be coherent and relevant.
  3. Any malicious scripts or page styling sheets will only risk Web pages of getting ignored.
  4. Meta data and schema tags markup must be applied to Web pages in order to become more understood by the algorithms.
  5. Relevant sites must be linked via hyperlinks together.

Those are just some simple rules that are being watched by search engine algorithms. If your site does not follow at least one of those, its chances of being shown in the first few pages of search engine results page will become lower.

How to Do SEO for Website: The Goal of Search Engine Optimization

Now, you have an idea about search engines, crawlers, and search engine algorithms. Those three are the biggest considerations that you have to make if you want to optimize your website for search engines.

You must mix all of those considerations and ideas together for you to understand how to do SEO for website.

First, you must connect your website to search engines via their webmaster tools. Google and Bing have their own webmaster tools. Yahoo! is connected to Bing, so there is no need to look for a webmaster tool for Yahoo!

Second, make sure that the crawlers can index your site properly. Make sure that all of your pages’ links are working and are not broken. Lastly, follow the rules of search engine algorithms.