In the realm of Search Engine Optimization or SEO, content is the undeniable king. There are websites that are propelled to the top of the rankings in search engine results through massive link-building efforts.

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So How to Do SEO for a Website ?

However, if you want organic traffic, visitor loyalty, and ultimately higher sales, what you will need is good optimized content. Here then are the 7 steps on how to do SEO for a website:


  1. Spend time in creating quality content

how to do seo for a website

How to do SEO for a website can be done primarily through your content should be for the benefit of your target readers; search engines should only be your second priority.

Simply put, you must come up with content that are useful and informative for your human readers – content that people would want to share to their friends in social media and spread word about your site.

This will likewise help generate more backlinks for you. Search engines are designed to recognize this and will reward your efforts.


  1. Request trusted websites to provide links to your webpages

    how to do seo for a website

How to do SEO for a website can be done even for new sites. If you are putting up a website for your business, you can obtain natural links by asking other businesses you have dealings with, like your suppliers and service providers, to put links to your site on their own websites.


However, you should not do the same for them as exchanging links are frowned upon by search engines today. Give the other websites a good reason to link back to yours such as writing a positive article about them. This way, they may give you the link you want voluntarily.


You can also utilize co-occurrence or co-citations which search engines approve of. Basically, this entails showing search engines your website’s relationship with other sites based on the multiple mentions of your site from various sources.

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  1. Make sure all your images have the proper attributes

how to do seo for a website

Photos and images can enhance the looks of your pages and even your visibility; however, they mean nothing to search engines without the necessary details such as titles, captions, descriptions, and alternate text. But don’t overdo it by inserting keywords as this will work against you.


  1. Have internal anchor text link variations

When creating anchor text links, a good way on how to do SEO for a website is to diversify. This way, search engine spiders can easily identify which page a link is supposed to lead to, and what the page is all about.


  1. Include keywords with your brand

how to do seo for a website


How to do SEO for a website involves injecting branded keywords into your campaign. Exclusively using non-branded keywords as anchor will convince search engines that you are out to manipulate results for a particular term. The key is to create natural-looking links.


  1. Mind the word count

how to do seo for a website

While it has been generally accepted that site visitors are not too keen on reading website text, this is no reason not to provide them with high quality content. Ideally, provide a minimum of 250 words per webpage.

Search engines are aware that an appropriately-sized copy allows the inclusion of the right number of important terms for the targeted keywords. You can make your content more attractive to readers by using eye-catching fonts and headlines.

You can also break up your content into several sections to make the page easier to read.

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  1. Never resort to posting duplicate or lifted content

How to do SEO for a website is never about posting content lifted from other pages on your site; worse – from other websites. Make sure to post only fresh and original content.

You can use various tools like CopyScape and Siteliner to make sure that there is no duplicate content.