As a SEO and web marketing specialist, I am very aware of my brand and always try to collect as many metrics of my sites as possible. We have talked in the past about those factors of PageRank and domain authority in my previous article bot now I want to teach you  how to check domain authority .

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How to Check Domain Authority Easily ?

The best way  is use our SEO tools by simply clicking on the image below :

how to check domain authority

What is Domain Authority?

how to check domain authority

Domain Authority created by Moz. The domain authority figure represents Moz the best predictor of how well they think your website / blog in search engine ranking. Domain authority is something similar to Google PageRank.

Domain Authority is calculated and predicted by a score of 100 (instead of 10), how well your site will rank on a search engine. Google PageRank is only important how well you rank on Google.

So how to check Domain Authority or where can I find my Domain Authority?

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How to Increase your Domain Authority ?

Beside how to check domain authority its important to know How to Increase your Domain Authority:

Improve your Content Quality

how to check domain authority

Content Quality: Boost your focus on the most important thing that the quality of the content on your site is. It is understood that the content should be of high quality. Hold regular addition of fresh and unique content on your website.

The best way to do this is by creating posts and articles or blogs on a regular basis. Make sure that the content worthy enough to be clicked and shared by the audience. So it has to be grammatically perfect and the theme will ideally be of interest to your readers.

Link Building Strategy

how to check domain authority

Link Building: All pages of your site must be flawless. Strong links is the key. Avoid linking to low quality and irrelevant sites, just to increase the number of connections. The quality of links matter and not the quantity.

So if you have some links, but they are from relevant sites and these areas you a good ranking, then it will work for your website. Make sure that the keyword you plan aimed optimized to law; but at the same time, avoiding overfilling of keywords. Try variations of your keywords and make sure all keywords properly connected.

While working on your link building, do not overload your website the internal linking. A good internal link network or blog network works in your favor if search engines are concerned. Without internal links your site is easy and resolved.

For a good domain authority, all connections should be well connected and strong. After all connections are available to check to make sure that all of them work properly like any wrong connection may go against your side. Keep a check on all these points provides improved domain authority.

Improved your Technical Aspects of SEO

After learning how to check domain authority it’s time to improved your technical SEO aspects: increase your DA needs your technical SEO exist. The meta tags, title, site structure, navigation to be all excellent necessarily before you can expect a higher domain authority.

You cannot afford to ignore the technical SEO, if you want to pursue increasing your DA itself. Stay in control of all incoming and outgoing connections and keep removing the spam ones and just keep the quality of a.

You must make this a regular practice, as you cannot afford to not displease appreciate the search engines, links from low authority and page rank sites.

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Keep the focus on all of the above and then be patient as you cannot expect results overnight.

With the maturation domain age of your domain authority will also increase; as if not a hard and fast rule, but the older a domain, the more its authority. And SEO is never was an easy job to do. It takes plenty of time, and so keeps the efforts and see the scales in your favor eventually.