If you are familiar with link building, then you probably already know the power of high PR authority links to your site and how fast they can increase rankings. They work by them.

Raw power in the eyes of Google If there are large amounts of very valuable, PR2 PR5 links all pointing to your personal website, then Google is proving that your site is incredibly important and be of great value to his research, so turn Google your website rank high in the search results to satisfy the needs of customers.

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The Basics about High PR Backlinks

Everyone should know that links in context (such as the links in this service) have shown that it is stronger as a stand-alone links in the sidebar or footer of an article. I suggest to get only the highest quality context PR backlinks or high pr backlinks.

You thought so? But it’s not enough, you should think again!

In the past, the best way is to simply buy high PR backlinks. They worked, and it worked well. But that’s not the case anymore. There were some problems, however.


SEO World Changed a Lot

high pr backlinks

Google really does not want you to rank highly. They want Adwords advertising instead of buying. For this reason, they were fighting the old SEO methods.

Easy to use with high PR backlinks in the same old way stopped manufacturing the same spectacular results. Now it is not so much what tools you use, but more about how you use them.

So what is the solution?

SEO Link Building Evolved

high pr backlinks

Instead of giving up, you just have to come up with something better. The next step. An additional strategy to traditional high PR backlinks.

What should you do just that?

In additions to close any packages all new ranking factors that locates the updated search algorithm. It is no longer just about Page Rank, it now offers all of the many necessary ranking signals:

  • Building trust
  • Branding your site (this is the key! Brands rank better!)
  • Social signals
  • Penguin Penalty Proofing
  • All modern things that the algorithm searches

What is it? It is the inclusion of the best parts of google beloved Foundation strategy in addition to the powerful private PR network. Now you have any of these strategies based on their traditional high PR backlinks is by default on the combined benefits reap included do.

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Foundation Strategy Summary

  • Acquire high pr backlinks or Links from the high authority domains
  • Left out of the top real social sites
  • Links with Penguin Tags proof (protects your page!)


– Generic: “Click here to learn more”

– Branding: “Boost SEO”

– Naked URL: “https://boostseo.com”

  • 1000 Tier 2 links to link performance with 500 separate niche keywords funnel
  • Co-quote and co-occurrence backlinks
  • created 40 unique short descriptions for the Foundation strategy alone
  • A wide range of backlinks from different platforms (diversify in order to avoid traces!)

A sample of some of the sites you of links to:

To sum it up: This method combines everything you need to Dominate


What Else Makes The Process?

  1. Your high PR links to the actual websites that keep the PR and remain to be seen there!

That’s one thing that makes this method so powerful. Links to your website will never roll on an inner side. You need to keep them on the homepage to your site the maximum amount of link juice passed.

  1. Not only are held every high PR sites on unique C class IP, but they are all hosted on separate nameservers.

This shows Google that your site will be diversified with different websites from all over the Internet, the on you. You should not use seo web hosting real hosting company.

  1. High DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority) and flux leakage.

You need to focus not only on the metric PR (Page Rank). You should also only websites that high authority Moz & Majestic metrics. No fake PR Fiverr gigs, no junk guest posts.

  1. All unique content

Everyone. Single. Post created contain a unique written article. No spiders what so ever.

  1. Funneled dofollow link juice

Instead of just about forgot your link and above, you should continue to safely and slowly pump diversified high pr backlinks that is dofollow LSI Tier 2 links to your actual PageRank blog backlinks, build it stronger and stronger over time to keep moving up in the search engine.

  1. Specific Niche Backlinks

Use these networks are very focused niche. Because of these properties can accept not any site in your program.