Since Google updated to Panda, the name of the SEO game now has lesser to do with keywords than with backlinking. Today, getting high authority backlinks has become the top priority of anyone who wants to get his site in the top ranks of search engines.

As a website owner, backlinking is a crucial element of your SEO strategy next to having great content. Backlinks of high quality are a great method to make your blog an authority in its niche and therefore improve your page rank.

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So How to Get High Authority Backlinks ?

Guest Post Blogging

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This is a highly overlooked strategy in which you post an article in someone else’s blog and use links that will redirect to your site.

In some situations, a blogger may not allow you to use links in the article body but will let you create an author biography at the bottom of the article and this is where you can invite the reader for action. You can place a maximum of two self-serving links that will anchor to your own website.


Blog Commenting

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Although this may seem tedious, commenting on a popular blog will help you create high authority backlinks to your own site. It only takes a little time to read through an article and make a comment that anchors to a specific page on your own blog.

This approach is not as effective as the other techniques because many bloggers enable the no-follow attribute in their blogs. This means that the links in the comments are disabled.

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Social Media as High Authority Backlinks Source

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If there is one source of high authority backlinks, it is the social media platform. What you are basically telling search engines is that your webpage is popular enough for people to read and follow.

If you have created an article that is shared multiple times, the search engines will boost your ranking to the top. This is why you should not focus on the technicalities of SEO but rather on the value of your content. If what you posted is valuable enough, then people will voluntarily share and link to you.


Article Directory Submissions

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Many article directories are considered by search engines as good databases of information. Since these article directories are indexed as trusted sources of information, you can increase your high authority backlinks if you submit articles to these sites with keywords anchored to yours.

Since article directories have high standards, readers will associate this credibility to your site if you managed to publish in these directories.

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Press Release

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A press release is an old and tested strategy to build high authority backlinks and it is here to stay. A press release is an informative announcement about your company that is sent to publications, mostly news organizations and forums.

Make sure that the press release you wrote includes a backlink to your website.

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Forum Participation

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You have to participate in forums and let yourself be known. Communities are eager to hear from you and an effective strategy to build high authority backlinks is to use popular forums to generate traffic to your site.

You can start new discussion or post on existing threads, using anchored texts relevant to the information found in your blog.

Wrap it Up

Forums need you to sign up but most of these are free. However, you will be providing your email address and this can result to spam. Keep in mind that forums are moderated so be careful with what you post because your comments may be removed.

As a general rule, try to find forums that are ranked at the top five of the search engine. Join these forums and nothing else because the mere fact that they have high ranking means they are popular and there are millions of people reading them.