Updated and high quality SEO content helps websites stay on top of search engine results. In most cases, however, these SEO content are primarily optimized for Google, the most popular search engine to date.

By knowing the current Google SEO ranking factors, you’ll be able create content that’s sure to pull up your website’s rank. Here’s a list of the most relevant Google SEO ranking factors in 2016:

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Most Important Google SEO ranking factors in 2016

Descriptive Page Title

Google SEO ranking factors

Imagine being asked to look for a book in a huge library about dog care. To save time, you’d skim over the covers of books, looking for something that has the phrase “dog care” or something similar.

This allows you to find relevant information quicker than if you skimmed every book’s content, hoping to find the topic you’re looking for. Of course, using this method, books that are titled “pet grooming” or “facts about mammals” will be left out of your search even if they might contain information that’s more accurate and more updated than others.


The same goes for Google, which has to look for stuff in millions of sites. If your site’s page title doesn’t accurately describe its content, Google will most likely display other sites first.

Descriptive URL and sub-URL

Google SEO ranking factors

You could think of URLs and sub-URLs as a library and its sections. Assuming that you’re still looking for books on dog care, would you look for one in a social science library or in a science library?

In most cases, you’d look for one in a science library, under the animal/mammal/dog section, depending on how the contents of the library are organized.

Google also thinks this way, which means that, even if you have a great page title yet your URLs and sub-URLs are not even remotely related to your site’s content, your site is bound to be pushed down the search results.

Using Text Instead of Images

Google SEO ranking factors

A picture is worth a thousand words, except when it’s being indexed by Google. You don’t look for a picture of a flower by drawing it in Google’s search field, so don’t expect your uncaptioned images, no matter how stunning and beautiful they are, to push your ranks up the search engine results page.

Remember to at least put descriptive captions on the images you display, and as much as possible, avoid putting textual content on an image just for aesthetics since Google won’t be able to read them — at least not for now.

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Updated Content

Google SEO ranking factors

If you’ve been looking for a book on dog care so you could find the best types of food you could give your dog, the most effective types of medicines for certain ailments, etc.

Would you choose a book that was published in 1945 or one that was published in 2014? Google also has that mindset when it comes to searching for content:

Newer and updated is always better. Make sure that you continuously update your site and its content. If you find it hard to write new articles frequently, ghostwriters are always available.

Useful Content

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After looking for a book in the library under the animal section that had the most relevant title and updated content, you find out that the book you’re reading is sloppily written and is full of unproven claims and theories. In essence, it’s useless.

In the future, would you consider reading this book again or even recommend it to a friend? Google is smart enough to know whether your site contains useful contents or not.

Know who your audience are and address their needs. Those are some of the best Google SEO ranking factors that you should consider.

Wrapping It Up

Google continually updates its search algorithms so that what comes up in the results page are as close as possible to what people are looking for. This means that Google SEO ranking factors will keep changing.

What’s important, however, is that you focus on creating content that transcends the race to the top of the search page. Aim to create content not because you want Google to find you easily, but because you want to give something to the people who visit your site.

By doing so, even if Google SEO ranking factors in 2016 will be completely different, even from Google SEO ranking factors in 2017 or 3017, your site will remain relevant because people get something important from it.

Like a good book that people will preserve and recommend to other people, your site will flourish and withstand the test of time.