High PageRank backlinks pass more link juice that will enable your website to gain higher ranking in the search results. You know that backlinks are your keys to better performance in the search engine results page (SERP).


However, not all backlinks can bring the link juice you need to improve your ranking. Some backlinks perform better because of their quality, and other may not pass the link juice at all. Google favors natural backlinks from sources with high page rank.

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What High PageRank Backlinks Are

High PageRank backlinks

High PageRank backlinks are links coming from websites with high page ranking. Google uses PageRank to measure the quality of any website.


The higher the page rank of a site that links to yours, the more link juice to pass. This will give you greater chances to perform better in the search engine results page (SERP).


A website gains higher page rank through: (1) the quality and relevance of its content, and (2) the number and kind of backlinks it enjoys.


Why Get High PageRank Backlinks

High PageRank backlinks

  • Earning high PR backlinks tells Google that your website is relevant, reliable, authoritative, and enjoys a good reputation online.
  • When you have several high PageRank backlinks, you improve your own page rank. This in turn will enable your website to rank on page one of Google’s SERP.


  • Since high PR links help drive your website to better ranking, focusing on getting this type of links allows you to get more traffic that is natural and highly targeted.


That in turn, can give you more leads with higher conversion rate. With the right action on your part, this translates to higher income for your business.


The key to benefiting from link building is to earn as many high PageRank backlinks as possible. These external links should be natural and not paid. Google disfavors unnatural links and sees them as spam.


How to Get High PR Links

High PageRank backlinks

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  • The first thing you need to do is to check the content of your website. Is your content good enough to attract high PR websites to link with you? The online community has to consider your content useful and relevant to get them to connect with you and build links.


  • Leverage on social media. Joining social networking sites empowers you to promote your content and to redistribute your links. Additionally, you will also gain likers, followers, and re-tweeters that will positively influence your page rank.


  • Explore all relevant channels, e.g. top directories, forums, and Wiki. These channels enjoy high page rank that can earn for you quality backlinks.


  • Find your niche influencers and build stronger relationship with them. They can help you gain more high PageRank backlinks. You will benefit from their influence spheres as they redistribute your content including your link.


  • Do high quality guest posting on blogs with higher page rank than yours. The key here is the quality of your post. Choose blogs that implement a “DoFollow” link building.
  • Vary your content. Include high resolution but better performing images and videos. Whenever applicable, use YouTube for its page rank and reputation.


  • Look for other websites, forums, or blogs with DoFollow that allow you to leave your comments. Make sure that your comments are appropriate, polite, and relevant to the audience. Choose sites that let you include your link in your comment.

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High PageRank backlinks, when you earn it through ethical means, are your surest route to climb the SERP. The quality of your links matter when you want Google to put your site on page one (1) of its search results.

Improving your page ranks bring multiple benefits such as more traffic, more leads, and more money to earn online.