DoFollow backlinks, which Google introduced in 2005, can boost your website’s ranking in the search engine results page (SERP). Not all backlinks are capable of influencing the SERP as DoFollow can. Here’s how to benefit from its link juice.


What Is DoFollow Backlinks

dofollow backlinks

A DoFollow link is the type of backlink that passes the SEO benefits from the source to the linked site/page. Together with the NoFollow link, Google has created it to fight spam and to increase search relevance. These links instruct the search engine crawlers whether to follow (DoFollow) the link or not (NoFollow).


How to Identify DoFollow Backlinks

dofollow backlinks

DoFollow backlinks are easy to identify and to distinguish from NoFollow backlinks. You just have to check HTML “rel attribute”. This attribute shows the existing relationship between the source and the linked web page.


DoFollow Backlinks To Boost SEO

Here is few examples :

<a href = rel=”dofollow”>Example1</a>

<a href = rel=”external”>Example2</a>

<a href = >Example3</a>


All three illustrations are DoFollow links. To verify, here’s what to do:


  1. Go to the page of the source. Right click to pull up the drop down menu. Choose “view page source”.


  1. Look for the link you have left on the page source by pressing “Ctrl + F”. You will find either your website’s name or your comment.


  1. Use the illustrations above to tell whether the link is a DoFollow or NoFollow type.


Advantages of DoFollow Backlinks

dofollow backlinks

You can enjoy these benefits from DoFollow backlinks:


  • Improve your ranking on the SERP.
  • Gain more authority and popularity in the eyes of the search engines, especially Google.
  • The increase in your page ranking can bring in more traffic as well as advertisers.


Things to Do to Enjoy the Benefits


To start benefiting from DoFollow backlinks, consider doing these things:


  • Use the attribute “rel = “dofollow” for your internal links. This is according to Matt Cutts, team lead at Google that fights web spam.


The reason to use this attribute is that it allows the smooth flow of page rank to improve your website’s overall ranking. Note, however, that you need to vary your anchor text when you interlink.


  • Never engage in buying or selling DoFollow links if you do not want to earn the ire of the search engines, especially Google.


Google continues to release its anti-spam updates. While the search engine loves backlinks, it does not favor paid links. Thus, resist the temptation of buying or selling DoFollow backlinks.


  • Use DoFollow attribute only with trusted sources. Aim to earn links from websites with higher page rank (PR). This will give you more link juice compared to websites with lower page rank.


  • See to it that your anchor text contains your targeted keyword. The same rule should apply to websites linking with yours. Here’s an example of a quality backlink:


<a href =>Boost SEO</a>

  • Focus your attention on the quality of backlinks rather than the quantity. Here’s how to earn quality DoFollow backlinks:


  1. Find high PR blogsites where you can do guest posting. These sites should have the same niche as yours. Not only will your backlinks improve your ranking, but they will also be able to earn traffic for your site.


  1. Leave relevant and useful comments on DoFollow blogs with high page rank. Links should be DoFollow, otherwise, you would not be able to benefit from the link juice.


  1. Upload unique quality content on your website. This is the foundation of earning high quality backlinks. Without a relevant content, what is there for others to link with your site?



The search engines, especially Google, use backlinks as one of the top factors in analyzing your website and giving it its rank on their SERP. To enjoy higher ranking, strive to earn quality DoFollow backlinks.