Using backlinks is one of the most useful techniques used for search engine optimization. With better quality and quantity of links leading to your website, your online reputation will grow, your site ranking will be higher, and more visitors will come in to view your site and potentially complete a transaction with you.

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The main downside of using backlinks is the fact that building links can be both difficult and time-consuming.

One of the best tools that can help you achieve your SEO goals at the soonest possible time is Backlink Booster. This program is designed to make link building easier.

Benefits of Using Backlink Booster

backlink booster

What are the benefits of using this program? Knowing that not every online marketer is interested in trying different settings and approaches, this program, created by Tom Parsely, is created to work right off the box.

Backlink Booster uses 2 approaches for building links and strengthening the online presence of a website: indexing links that are not yet indexed and creating link juice for both the primary site and the links associated with it. How this program is able to do all that will be discussed in detail later.

backlink booster

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Backlink Booster is designed to keep all of your links indexed. Not everyone gets to have all of the links of their website properly indexed. Furthermore, some URLs drop out of the index because of constant changes in the way links are evaluated.

By keeping all of your links properly indexed, URLs get boosted and become more useful. Another thing that makes this program great is the fact that this program even connects both new and pre-existing links together, further enhancing the link juice effect.

Because all of these are automated, you can just sit and watch as the link system of your site becomes significantly increased.


Backlink Booster takes a multi-faceted approach to boosting the power of your backlinks. Here are just some of its listed features.

backlink booster

  1. Pings multiple search engines (around 75 of them) and also pings each site for every link produced.
  2. Inserts links into content found in up to 30 different private networks.
  3. Posts your links in different kinds of social networking sites.
  4. Posts your links in hundreds of RSS websites.
  5. Integrates up to 40 different Web 2.0 sites.


Those are just some of the features that make this program a true winner in the field of automated backlink building. Of course, it doesn’t end there. One of the most important assets of Backlink Booster is the sheer simplicity of using it.

This link building program is ready to function right off the box, and it doesn’t really take a genius to learn how to operate it. The step by step process of using this program is as follows, with options 3 and 4 considered optional:


  1. Inserting information about the website you want to boost (ex.: URL, subject, keywords).
  2. Choose how many links you want to get boosted on any given day.
  3. Set up Web 2.0 and RSS properties.
  4. Integrate your site with

Access to all of 100% Free SEO Tools

The number of positive reviews given for this program is overwhelming. In fact, it can be said that it makes things significantly easier for everyone. It even has some more advanced settings that will help you gain more links and juice.

There are 3 different editions of this program: Lite, Standard, and Pro. Lite, the entry-level edition of the program, can be had for $9/month, while the top-of-the-line Pro edition costs $39.

It is recommended by many users to go for the Backlink Booster Pro edition if you have the money, as it has complete features, including the ones not found in Standard and Lite.