Google PageRank Is Dead – Alternative Methods to Evaluate Authority Of Website

Authority Of Website

Google PageRank had its last update on 06/12/2013 and will not have any more update based on Google’s John Mueller “probably won’t be updated taking place, at least the Google PageRank toolbar”. Google PageRank, as a link analysis algorithm for rating websites on a scale of 0-10, was updated on a regular basis.

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Should We Consider PageRank Dead?

Authority Of Website

Since the Page Rank update stopped in December 2013- this was an accident as the last planned update was in October 2013- we will not be able to use for websites developed after that date.

Google Page Rank score offers a bit of hope for older websites, though; the score can be used to identify authority of website or webpage to some extent.

So How Can We Determine the Authority of Website?

Personally, I believe that judgement on Authority of website should be made through a mixture of methods and a bit of common sense rather than just one, even if it is Google Page Rank.

Page Rank could be unreliable on these bases; 1. Rank can be faked easily. Spammy domains can still have high PageRank. Here are some of other tools and techniques I employ to judge the Authority of website.

Organic Traffic of The Website

Authority Of Website
Natural or SEO generated traffic to a website is a great indicator to the authority of website; If a website is receiving an increasingly volume of traffic, then it is going to right direction.

In order to analyse the traffic without analytics tools access, you can use SEMrush. This system tracks thousands of keywords and ranking of websites for each individual keyword. This platform can then predict the volume of traffic a website gets from organic search.

In reviewing website traffics, be cautious of websites that get very low traffic or had a instant drop of traffic. The sudden drop could be result of a temporary or permanent penalty from Google.

Also check whether of not there were any algorithm updates from Google around the time of the drop.

Alternative Methods to Evaluate Authority Of Website

Majestic Trust and Citation Flow

Authority Of Website
Majestic is a backlink index with two fundamental metrics of Trust and Citation Flow. These metrics showed rather promising correspondence to how a website ranks in Google.

The metrics have a rating of 0-100, where Citation Flow is more general based on the volume of links to a website or webpage and Trust Flow is more sophisticated.

Trust Flow uses the long list of manually monitored authority of websites such as, and reviews how these websites backlink to other websites, and how those webpages has link to other websites and so on.

Also cross referencing Trust and Citation Flow is highly suggested; for example, if the Citation Flow score is much higher than the Trust Flow score, we cannot conclude on the authority of website.

This means there are huge amount of links, although very little of them are from trusted websites. The good news is that Trust and Citation Flow are updated every day.

Moz Page and Domain Authority

Authority Of Website

Another tool corresponding well to Google page rank system, is backlink index Moz, which uses Page and Domain Authority as metrics.

These metrics are based on 0-100 scoring system, where Domain Authority is established on the overall domain and Page Authority is specifically for a specific webpage. Number of linking websites, total backlinks, Moz Rank, Moz Trust along with another 40 more metrics compose the total score.

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Review Your Backlinks Manually

Authority Of Website

Reviewing backlink profile of a website will offer a pretty good presentation of quality of incoming links and authority of website; anchor text profile is the main player in this case.

A positive profile is a website with a natural backlink profile with brand or general anchor text. On the other side, over optimized identical match anchor text will lead to a bad profile. Majestic, Moz and ahrefs are services that you can take advantage of.

Search for Interactions on Posts

Number of comments and social media shares, it shows the extent of enthusiasm from public on the last posts of a website. A poor website will not have that comments on a low quality website.

Look for Social Media Profiles

Authority Of Website

Last but not least, social media presence can reveal public interest, followers extent of interaction with the website. Number of likes on Facebook and retweets and/or favorites on Twitter profile are the best indicators in this step.

 If you have any opinion or tips yourself be sure to leave a comment!