A free backlink generator can offer your site the sun and the moon, figuratively, when it comes to generating traffic, increasing visitors, and leveling up your site’s rank on the search engine results pages. But can they really do that? Before answering that question, let’s take a look at the basics of backlink building.

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What Are Backlinks ?

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Also called inbound links, incoming links, inward links, and inlinks, backlinks are links that go to a web node coming from another web node.

A web node can be a web page, web site, directory, or top level domain. Basically, when a user clicks a backlink, it goes to your site or page. To explain it simply, let’s suppose Blogger A writes something on his blog that Blogger B finds interesting.

Blogger B then writes on her own blog about the article, linking back to Blogger A’s original post. In essence, Blogger B has created a backlink to Blogger A’s post.

What Are Backlinks Used For?

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Backlinks are one of the methods used in search engine optimization or SEO. The original idea was that the more backlinks you have in your web page, the higher it will be ranked during a search on Google or Yahoo.

It may not be the only factor, but it’s listed as among the most important ones. Having many backlinks signifies that your site can be trusted. Users like that; so do search engines.

Paid or Free Backlink Generator?

Now that site owners know that backlinks play a major part in the organic or natural ranking of a website in search engine results, they only need to create backlinks to their sites and be assured of higher traffic and higher ranking, right? Not necessarily.

Major search engines, like Google, not only count the quantity of backlinks, but also the quality by considering the authority of the site where the backlink came from. The more authority figure the source site is, the more weight is given to the backlink.

Also, it can be tedious for site owners to generate backlinks on their own. Looking for and convincing other sites to link to your own can be time consuming. Here is where SEO companies saw the opportunity and offered their own backlink generation, for a fee of course.

SEOs began developing their own applications that can generate backlinks using codes that scour the web for similar articles and create backlinks back to their client’s web page.

It’s only a matter of time before a free backlink generator will be available for stringy site owners, and SEO developers gave in to the demand. Nowadays, many SEO companies have followed suit, each with its own version of a free backlink generator with differing capabilities and promises.

Choosing a Free Backlink Generator

Looking for a free backlink generator is pretty much like looking for a paid one. You should consider the same factors for your backlinks to be successful and to avoid penalties from search engines because of artificial and suspicious backlinks.

The trick is to read the reviews about each generator and determining which features suit your site’s requirements.

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A negative comment may not be considered bad if it does not contradict with the site’s goals. Avoid those that are known for generating bad incoming links.

You can get a PHP script-based backlink generator which you can modify yourself if you have the expertise, or choose a fully automated one.

Is It Dangerous ?

A paid or a free backlink generator is dangerous if you use it without caution. Google is continuously trying to weed out sites that have suspicious backlinks and penalizing them by lowering their organic rankings.

If you should use a generator, limit the backlinks generated and the quantity on which they are created within a certain amount of time.