6 Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tools or Back Link Watch

back link watch

The word of SEO has changed a lot dramatically in recent years, but one thing that remains the same is backlink. In earlier times, your website would rank higher on number of backlinks you have, but in 2014, it’s all about how many quality links you get.

Last year, Google Penguin Algorithm Update killing all private blog networks and devalued low quality links. In this tutorial I will talk about some of the best online backlink checker sites that you can use to check how many backlinks your website has.

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Why You Need Backlink Checker or Back link Watch Tools ?

If a website links to your site or any page of your site from its site, it’s callback links. Backlinks be used is one of the most important parameters for the high page rank and better keyword ranking.

Although over time the priority of the downgraded Google Backlinks and has more signals to a site rank. Dofollow backlinks and no follow backlinks: backlinks are generally categorized in two ways.

When we talk about creating back-links that we focus on creating dofollow links and using that backlink checker tools usually we use, how many Backlink which we have created for our website. A good number of backlink helps improve page rank and also mozRank of our website.
Here are some online free backlink checker tools that will help you to see all incoming backlinks to your website. You can choose any of these instruments according to your requirement.

Few of them are detailed results and few results are in many backlinks, but the best in all of them, none of them is requires registration or an application which makes the process fast.

List of Useful Online Backlink Checker Back link Watch Tools:


SEMRush is a tool that I use for almost 2 years and with the new features is the addition, it is thus a complete robust SEO tool. Before I talk about backlink checking feature SEMRush, let me tell you that it, too, but you can use this particular compound is not a free to SEMRush cost totally free for the first 14 days to use $ 149. Let.

Back to the function they have an extensive database that is updated daily and you check in a position to examine your website backlink status exactly Here is a screenshot of the page where I check backlink status of my blog.

back link watch

You notice how their domain overview report shows the details of how the TLD zone you will find with the most and also details about country you most from getting link.

You can use SEMRush to get backlinks for your website or for your competitor website. They also have a backlink comparison tool that will allow you to compare your domain backlinks with others, and get a full report. Here is one such report:

back link watch

Total SEMRush is a tool that you can now use it as a backlink checker or back link watch. I have added the special connection, which already allow access it free for 14 days. You can always 14 days, and you’ll be everything that is not billed.
Use SEMRush Backlink Checker free

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back link watch

One of the best back link watch tool that I think it should be mentioned here, really worth it. It is a paid backlink checker tool, but you can complete backlink analysis along with anchor text analysis of your site if you get register for free account.

This tool provides much more detail on all backlinks to your website and in time, as you will your website links increases or decreases in context.

Especially after the Penguin update if you are hit by negative SEO, this tool will save your life as you get all the Details link along with percentage breakdown of the anchor text to your site. One of the best backlink checker tool in the entire list. <Check out Ahrefs>

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back link watch

BuzzSumo is one of my favorite tool for content marketing and back link watch. They have a free and pro version. The Pro version now has a feature to let you check backlinks to your domain or each page. You also have the option to export existing connections in CSV or Excel format. Check out BuzzSumo

Analyze Backlinks

Analyze backlinks have a good tidy website links to use it as a back link watch. In addition to the just in the site URL, Analyze backlinks you have various options such as no backlinks from the same domain, only show the links homepage to repeat anchor text, number of links, outbound links, and more. You can decide for each option according to your needs. Check out Analyze Backlinks

Back link Watch

back link watch

Back link Watch is one of the most popular tools to check backlinks of your blog. But one thing I do not like about it is Backlink Watch popups, of course, we can conclude with a click but pop-up ads lifts me forever. Backlink Watch provides you all the details of the backlinks of your blog. Check out Back link Watch

mOz Open Site Explorer

back link watch

Of all the tools mentioned above, Open Site Explorer my favorite online backlink checker or back link watch website. It’s worth a try if you want to compare backlinks between two or more domains.

These tools work best if you have a paid account of SEOmoz, although free tool is good enough, for checking backlinks from you and your competitors to get started. Check out mOz Open site Explorer.

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Link diagnostics

Link Diagnosis offers several options when checking backlinks for your blog, as you need detailed report or optimized to want to use it as a back link watch for single page or entire website, other type of outputs and.

One thing that you need to remember that Link Diagnosis works best with Firefox. Check out Link diagnostics.


back link watch

Now, some of the fastest and most trusted backlink checker or back link watch tools that you can use just for your website and blog.

I would also suggest that you read the review of the SEMRush I shared earlier. Let me know if you are from another tool you can check backlinks in the fastest way you know.