Creating backlinks, also called incoming links or inlinks, is an essential factor of SEO to help a website gain a higher page rank in search engines. Luckily, there’s no need to spend a lot of money on software just to check how many backlinks a website has.

Back Link Watch, a free online backlink checker tool, provides all the essential information needed to know the number of backlinks and assess the quality of the links.


How to Use Back Link Watch

Back Link Watch

Enter the complete URL of the website, then enter the required CAPTCHA. Within seconds, the system will generate a list of backlinks including the anchor text, outbound links, page rank, and follow and nofollow flags.

It also provides additional information such as keywords, ranking positions, possible SEO issues, and referring domains. The rate of generation of the backlinks are fast and efficient that is why Backlink Watch is considered one of the most popular free backlink checker tools in the online market today.

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How this Free Tool Helps in Creating Quality Backlinks

Back Link Watch

There’s no specific way of telling how the algorithm in search engines works, but almost all SEO experts agree that backlinks play a major role in page ranking. There have been a lot of speculations lately on whether backlinks are still an important factor in SEO ranking because some have found very little progress when it comes to building their backlinks.

The reason for this is that the game has changed from quantity to quality. Initially, the number of backlinks a website has will help it rank higher, making blog and website owners clamor to get as many backlinks into their site as possible.

As a result, the internet was flooded with irrelevant pages in an attempt to increase the number of backlinks. But somehow, the game as changed as the search spiders seem to be giving more attention to pages with more relevant and useful content.

An even bigger advantage is having one way backlinks that almost guarantees a better page rank position. But this is something that is difficult to get.

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How exactly do you lure webmasters to use your site and link it to theirs? The secret is nothing less than maintaining a good quality website with high quality content.

Fill it with helpful information, lists of things they will come back to as reference, and use good keywords and anchor texts to make it more searchable.

Advantages of Using Free Back Link Watch

Back Link Watch

The advantage of having the assistance of free online checker tools like Back Link Watch is that the user is able to frequently monitor both quantity and quality of backlinks.

Checker tools can help assess whether the blog or website is linking to a good and reliable site or a bad site. The more links to good sites increases its value and reliability, luring the web crawlers to it making it more prominent and popular online.

The downside to using free online tools like this is that there is always a trade-off for the free usage. In this tool, the trade-off is that Back Link Watch has large advertisements as well as pop-ups.

The pop ups will run soon after hitting the check backlinks button and then some more after the complete list of backlinks has been generated. This is usually a turn off for most users but it is a small price to pay for the valuable free service it provides.

The good new is our Free Back Link Watch is pop up and Ads free and you can use it without any limitation.

Use Our 100% Free Back Link Watch Tool

Despite this, Back link Watch still remains as one of the most popular backlink checker tools online. It is almost always included in online articles that discuss the most popular and widely used free online backlink checker tools and has been given good reviews.