SERocket Discount Coupon

SERocket Discount Coupon

SERocket Discount Coupon

Avail of $20 off on SeRocket every month! With link lists from SeRocket, you can get the most benefits out of your SEO tools. Every day, you will receive a daily list of fresh link sources you can readily use with a wide variety of link building software.

Coupon Code: BoostSEO


Benefits of Subscribing to SeRocket

With SERocket Discount Coupon , you will enjoy the following benefits:
  • Fresh Link Lists – The lists are updated daily. You can readily import the lists into your preferred SEO tools to help boost your ranking.
  • Dedicated Support Team – The SeRocket team is made up of experienced coders and SEOs who are always on hand to help you, and to develop the service that will cater to your specific needs.
  • Direct Syncing to Your GSA – For Premium Plan members, all the new results are directly synced to the GSA in real time through the Search Engine feature.
  • 4 Ways to Sync into Your GSA – Aside from the normal way to sync into GSA, SeRocket has come up with 3 new types of list syncing options for more advanced users. These are available to Premium Plan subscribers.
  • GOV and EDU Verified Link Lists – If you need GOV/EDU backlinks for your campaigns, special verified lists that include only GOV and EDU platforms are available.
  • Links Sorted By Platform – All link lists are sorted based on GSA platform. This way, you have the option to use or import only the ones you need.
  • Unique Results – You get results that have no duplicates. This is because all results are “deduped.”
  • Ultra-Fast Custom Scraper – While it is not a link-building service, you get link lists that you can readily import into your various SEO link-building tools such as Scrapebox, GSA SER, or other tools that support importing targets.

SeRocket Link Lists vs. Other Lists Available on the Market

For years now, the company has been using GSA SER, and has been processing numerous campaigns for their SEO clients on a daily basis. At the start, a lot of list sellers were tried, but the expected results were not achieved. That is when the company decided on building its own tools to scrape and verify fast-loading sites. This resulted to higher link-per-minute submission rates.

SERocket Discount Coupon Includes

The scraper works the entire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on extremely powerful servers. This ensures that link lists are always fresh. Installed on a solid cloud server farm, the custom-coded scraper practically works non-stop in building the link lists that you need.

Verified, Identified, and Clean Link Lists

The service is intended to provide you with the best success rate possible. To make sure that you only get high-quality services, each platform is verified, and the page load time for each site is checked.

The Refund Policy

All sales are deemed final, and therefore, no refunds are allowed. However, you can cancel your subscription anytime by contacting the company or through your PayPal account.