Monitor Backlinks Discount Coupon

Monitor Backlinks Discount Coupon

Monitor Backlinks Discount Coupon

With  Boost SEO’s Monitor Backlinks Discount Coupon , you can enjoy as much as a 67% price off. The tool monitors and manages all your backlinks automatically – with regular reports, to boot! Avail of the free trial offer, and once you decide to shift to a paid plan, just enter our coupon code.

Coupon Code: OFF50NHT3FTXD


What is Monitor Backlinks ?

This is the easiest way not only to check your site’s bad links, but the good links of your competitors, as well. It has an auto backlink discovery. Just connect to your Google Analytics account to get email alerts whenever your site gains or loses backlinks.

The keyword rank checker allows you to monitor the performance of you keywords in Google. You can also check how your rankings fare versus your competition. With E-mail Alerts, you automatically receive email notifications each time you lose or gain backlinks.

Your competitors are also monitored, and you will get likewise get alerts when they receive new links that have a good SEO value.

SEO Metrics within Easy Reach

With all your important SEO data in a single place, you can always come up with informed decisions.

  • Domain Authority, MozRank, Page Authority
  • Backlink Status Checker
  • Majestic Trust and Citation Flow
  • Social Shares
  • Referring Traffic for Every Backlink
  • External Link Count


Easy Link Management

With Monitor Backlinks’ easy link management system, all your link data are kept together with the company’s management tools.

  • Tags and Notes
  • Import/Export
  • Disavow Link Export
  • Bookmarklet
  • Expiration Date

Why Use Monitor Backlinks

If you are doing SEO for your business website to boost traffic, having a strong backlink profile is a must. With use of Monitor Backlinks Discount Coupon you can get good monitoring plans. Monitor Backlinks has all the necessary metrics and tools to manage huge data sets in a single place. This guarantees a high success rate for any well-organized SEO effort.

You only need to have an active email account, and you are good to go. The technical aspects will automatically be handled by the company’s servers. You will receive regular updates from Monitor Backlinks that include new backlinks to your website, the status of broken and old ones, your competitors’ stats, as well as recommendations on how to generate a diverse and natural backlink profile.

Thus, you can easily determine which backlinks are vital to your SEO efforts, even if you are not tech-savvy. There will be no guesswork. All your decisions will have a basis.

Here are some scenarios and reasons to use Monitor Backlinks:

Scenario 1: A blogger reviews your services or products.

Build Your Audience – New links that point to your site are checked daily, and you are immediately informed of any development via email. Links to the article are included so you can ask for feedback or thank the blogger. This way, you are always informed on the latest on your brand, and your involvement will be appreciated by the online community.

Scenario 2: You receive an important SEO link that gets removed.

Safeguard Your Investment – There is no such thing as free and easy marketing effort. Banner ads on relevant websites cost money; so does getting links from powerful influencers. Supposing you spent money just to get links from one of these sources, but your link is removed after a short time?

Almost in an instant, you will hear about it from Monitor Backlinks!

Scenario 3: Your competitor actively builds links.

Keep Up with the Competition – Your competitors may afford to spend time and money in search of new sites that will link to theirs. Monitor Backlinks will keep tabs on their activities and report to you through email each time they gain new links.

This way, you can take appropriate action!