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    I am here to share my insane experience about Instagram account growth

    At 2015 I grow IG account to 100k and I was stupid enough to sell it. Really a huge mistake. So at the end of December 2015 I’ve decided to use what I know and make a new account. Today 25.05.2016 I have 92.5k account with avg. of 4.5k likes on images and avg. likes of 8k on videos ( will explain why is that later ). The most viral post ( video ) has 28.5k likes and 182k views. I won’t share my niche, but I can tell you that it’s a popular one. So lets begin =)

    If You Just Start with Instagram

    1. Create a gmail account ( yes, the Russian dudes hacked gmail recently and stole tons of big IG accounts =)) but still gmail is the best ) Give it some broad name that won’t be related in any way with your IG user name.

    2. Now create IG account and use this gmail to register.

    3. Choose a username/niche. You have probably seen many people suggest you to choose a niche that you are interested in. They are so right! I have tested to grow a niche in fashion…. but man… this is boring. I mean BORING! I got no interest in that, got no passion and no knowledge in that niche. Pick something you like. You can earn money in any niche at some point.

    4. Now, pay attention! Register a new gmail, that is related with your username and replace it in your account settings. The original mail that you registered the account keep in a file or remember it. This is important, because if in future someone hack your account and you report that, IG will ask you for that first original mail. All you need to do is to tell IG that mail and they will send you password reset in that mail. Same thing is if you decide to sell the account, but the buyers try to scam you.

    Now I know most of you are not new to IG, but I just wanted to tell you this about the gmail, because it’s really important.

    Few things about the niches. If you choose an “saturated” niche like fashion, fitness or luxury, you will face a problem very soon – low engagement. I mean LOW engagement. But the good part is that if you reach a point where your posts get 10k~ likes ( you would need 1m+ page in fashion for e.x. ) you will have tons of offers for promotions daily. And the good part is that 90% of the images they ask you to post for money, will be highly related with your page. You post shoes, dresses, hats, even sunglasses, watches … everything that is related to fashion. So no matter what picture you need to post, people won’t even notice that this is an advertise ( avg. users hate advertise ) so your engagement on that AD post won’t drop and you still take the money. Do you understand what I’m saying ?

    Real Instagram account growth Hack

    Now about a high engagement niches. If you choose the fun, pets, nature, etc. niches you will have a high engagement. That mean you will grow 5x faster than if you choose one of the above. But the monetization is harder. That mean when you have 1m page, yes you would have offers for promotions, but for 5x less money than the niches above. Because the companies that sell pet products, fun products ( toys and stuff that make you smile ) pay less. Of course there are exceptions, don’t get me wrong, but those are the facts.

    So you need to choose: 1) highly engagement niche with less money 2) low engagement niche a lot better money

    Now there are other factors. For example if you choose to jump in the high engagement niche and you grow your account big, after that you can grow another account in the same niche VERY easy ( will tell you how later in the post ). And when you have 2-3…5 big accounts in same niche, you can even grow ANY account in any other niche you choose, you will have that power. Now this is long term stuff.

    Okay, enough with the broad stuff that you can read anywhere.

    How to Grow an Account

    You have 3 options:

    – Paid
    – Free
    – Mixed

    I will tell you my way. I choose the mixed one.

    What you gonna need:

    – Patience
    – Time
    – 300-400$ ( in my case, but it’s different in depending on the niche you choose )

    What you don’t need:

    – Bot ( will tell you how I feel about bots soon )
    – Fake followers
    – Fake likes
    – Fake people who sell fake stuff
    – Anything fake. “Fake it, till make it” bullshit is something you don’t want

    Again, I’m sharing with you my own way that I found it work best for me, so don’t kill me if our opinion mismatch.
    Okay, lets say you already choose your niche, filled your Bio, have added 10-20 images, related with your niche, now you need to look for big pages in your niche. Save their usernames and contacts ( Kik, mail, … whatever ). Find 10-20 of those and contact them all, asking how much cost a Like from them. Not a shoutout. Do not waste your money on shoutouts! They work in some situations, but Like is what you need in this method. So ask them what will cost you for a single like, one week like on every post, one month like on every post… Most of them will be surprised what you are asking from them and if you are lucky, they won’t know how powerful the like is nowadays. Just look for the best deal.

    While looking for best offer, start doing follow/unfollow. Find big pages in your niche, save 4-5 of them. What I was doing when was time to follow:

    Start follow the most recent followers of one of those competitor accounts. Follow 20-30 people and hop on the next big account, again follow some people and hop on the next. I was doing this, because the big pages get followers almost all the time, so there is a big chance the people you follow in this way to be still online. They will see notification ( if not turned off ) and check you, might follow you, etc, etc. My follow back rate was around 50%, which is pretty fine.

    People share different experience on the limits. Personally I was able to follow 600-700 people every day and unfollow the same amount. If you get temp. block on those limits, slow down and find your spot.

    Now, why I won’t recommend you using a bot… I have all the programs and tested every web based automation for Instagram. I really tested all, know how to setup Followliker even to make me a breakfast.

    If you are using bot, your limits are very low. Guys, they know you are botting, it’s so obvious. So if you try to follow 600 people and unfollow 600 in the same day with new account you are stepping in the deep shits. So with bot you will be safe at lets say 200 follows and unfollows ( fresh account ).

    Now me on the other hand, who choose to do the task from their app, manually ( not really, will explain later ) is doing 3x more tasks than you, who is botting. I did it manual, because I wanted to grow fast. That is my main project. To grow fast and get as much followers I can get! Got no temp. bans, no bullshit ( just once, but I was greedy that day ).

    Also something that your bot can’t do. No matter what kind of filters it has, it’s not even close to your brain power. For example when I follow people, one fast look at their profile pic and their name will give ma a good info to follow or not that person. If you see profile pic that look like a company logo, just don’t follow. This is not the avg. user you are aiming. If I see arab symbols I just don’t follow. I have nothing against the Arabs, I’m not a racist, but they are not my targeted audience. I am looking for US, CA, Australia, Germany, etc, etc, countries that are more likely to spend money on something I offer in future. So when you follow manually, you have the option to choose. That increase your follow back rate. Trust me it does.

    About the unfollow part, I do things automated, BUT using their app directly, no third parties. The app I use is called HiroMacro. It’s like iMacro, but for mobile. I won’t go so deep on that, but all you need to do is to download it, record you unfollow action ( one action is what you need ) and after that Loop it as many followers you wan’t to remove. Look for guides about that, if you wish to test.

    From Where to Get Content

    You know about the copyright… Even if you take picture from someone’s account and give him credit back ( @HisUserInYourPostDescription ) this is still illegal. So if you wan’t to sleep well, here’s what I do:

    – Contact as many people ( not pages ) in your niche, people who post related content to your niche. Find their contacts, or DM them ( direct message ). Explain them that you like their account very much and you are asking for permission to take their content and post it on your page. With credit back ALWAYS. Most of them will agreed. If your page is big, they will be actually very happy. So, save the accounts who give you permission and use their content. Always look for more people.

    For saving pictures for IG I use app called EasyDownloader. You just need to turn it on ( don’t touch the settings xD ) choose a post in IG video or image, does not matter, click on the 3 dots and you will see “Report” and “Copy Share URL” and depending if you follow this account you will also see “Turn On Notifications”. So click on the Copy Share URL and the app will save the content in your phone. After that open gallery, find the content, share in IG and give credit to the guy you took it from, saying ” from @theGuyUserHere” or something like that.

    Now I am still talking boring stuff. But getting there…. be patience.

    Now this is something that most of you don’t know. DO NOT like anything in Instagram with your money account. I just can’t stress enough how important this is! Listen to the logic:

    When you open your Instagram app and tap on the Heart icon, you will see “FOLLOWING” and “YOU” at the top. Section “YOU” is showing who is liking, commenting your stuff, who is following you, who is sending you DM, or mentioning you… etc. Things that are happening to you. At section “FOLLOWING” you can see you the people you follow are doing. Do you understand ?
    Lets pretend you have 50-100k account, and you give a like to some random person’s post. The people who follows you, can and will check the FOLLOWING section and they will see what you’ve liked ! They might check it, many of them will. Now your followers might follow that new account, that YOU have pointed them. Guys, you have shown your followers that account! If they like what they see in that new account, they will follow. And tomorrow when YOU and HIM ( the new account ) post something, your follower who has followed that new account BECAUSE OF YOU’re like on a random pic…. see two posts, he might like the post from the new account more than your post ! Now you see, you are loosing one like, because you was liking random posts.

    You think nobody is checking the “FOLLOWING” feed ? You are very wrong. You and me… meh I don’t care who is liking what. But if you are an average user, normal guy who is following his friends, they follow him… it’s one small community full of gossips ( because people like gossips, that avg. user with IQ 90 like to know that kind of stuff ). Think about your friends, you can agree that they are in facebook 24/7. Look I’m not insulting anyone, I’m just giving an example 😉 This section “FOLLOWING” is our facebook wall. People are checking that section, some even more then the Home feed.

    Now imagine you are a page with 3m followers. Your like is just POWERFUL! This is why if you contact people who knows the value of the Like itself…. you will see that they are offering a shoutouts for lets say 150$, but offering a like (single) for 275$ ! They know what I’m sharing with you. But, this knowledge is not very popular, even among those who are in the 1m+ range, so your goal here is to find people with big pages who still got no idea how the likes work.

    If you don’t have the money for paying for Likes, but you are a determined person, just keep follow/unfollow. You will get there. But I want to explain the differences between follow/unfollow, paid and mixed followers.

    When you follow/unfollow, you will get lets say 50% follow back. Now half of those people will follow you back just because you followed them. It’s like “hey that guy followed me, I will follow him back, so he don’t unfollow me…” and the rest of those people might follow you because they like what you do. So what is the math here ? from 100 people you follow today, 50 will follow back, but only 25 of them will be engaging with your posts ? Not good at math, but it’s something like that, yes ?
    Now…. but what will happen tomorrow, when you start to unfollow ? =)) You will loose those who followed you, because of the sake of the follow. F*** them, you don’t need them. But you also will loose part of those who actually like your page and what you post. It’s like you are insulting them, telling them they are not interesting enough for you and you unfollow them… So at the end of the day you will end with 10-15 people, who will stick with you, and engage with your posts. This is why I don’t like bots. So what is the math here ? From 100 people you will end with 15 good quality people. If you follow/unfollow manual, you can follow safe 600~ people. That’s 90-100 people daily, who will engage with your page. Pretty good. If you are botting, you will get like 30. But this is ONLY if you trust my logic.

    So what you get if you pay your way to the top ? Every single person who follows you from those Like promotions, is highly interested in your page. I mean EVERY single one. They are not following you, because you followed them, they won’t leave you, because you unfollowed them, just because you never followed them xD They will stick with you and they will engage.

    You understand yes ? But what is our goal here ? I mean you probably think how long we need to pay…. or follow/unfollow…. or mix it ?

    Here my experience. The first account I’ve build to 100k before I sell it was build only by follow/unfollow. That number 100k was the point where I was able to get to the explore page. This is the time when you start to get organic followers, this is the time when you can stop follow/unfollow, stop paying for likes. All you need to do is to post quality content and you will grow in a rate of 1000 – 2500 new followers every day. This is when the first thing you do at the morning, after you open your eyes is to check stats. This is the time when things are becoming interesting and make you feel good!

    So I in 10 months I grown my first account to 100k, and 100k was the number I needed to start appear in explore. To appear in explore posts, you need ( depending on the niche ) curtain amount of likes/comments in a 30 min. or hour. So to appear in explore in my niche, I needed like 1300-1500 likes and some comments in the first hour after the post goes live.

    Now this account I grown to 92k ( so far ) in lets say 5 months, using follow/unfollow and some Like promotions I paid for. After I got to 7-8k follwoers, doing follow/unfollow, I have started the Like promotions and for a month and few pages I found they don’t know a thing about how valuable are the likes I grow to 45-50k followers. That’s for around 400$. And from 50k followers to 70k again was using follow/unfollow. At that time I started to appear in explore page. Posts were getting enough engagement in the first hour so IG started to show me to the people. And this is the time when I’ve stopped to do anything but posting 6-8 times a day.

    That’s how I did it.

    Now what are my goals:

    I won’t to grow that account to a point where it ALONE will be able to provide 2k~ pictures to a post I like. Now pay attention! I can start boosting new account right now, I have tested this in the last few days. It’s possible. The new account gets 300-400 new followers, just by me liking 6-7 posts every day. Tested this 5-6 days. But what I saw didn’t made me happy. My main account growth rate was slowing down 🙁 you can see at the attach image, look at the date between 2016-05-09 to 2016-05-13 …. so basically my new account was draining “juice” from my bigger account. Not cool. And I was thinking why is that. Listen to the logic:

    My bigger account CAN’T provide alone 2-3k likes to a post for 1 hour. It’s just not that powerful yet. That mean the post I like ( my new account post ) won’t get to explore. Won’t even get to top hashtags. So basically the new followers I see coming to the new account are my own followers from the big account. You remember the power of the Like yes ? If you skipped that part, please, scroll up. So my small account eat from my big account dish. Not cool! Now I’m not there yet, but I think when I grow my main account to 500k ( around Christmas this year ) I will be able to provide enough engagement in the first hour, that post will go to explore AND WILL STOP eating from my main account dish! Do you understand ? It will eat from explore. Yes, it will surely take some of my main account power ( this is why some pages you contact, will ask you for tons of money per like, you are taking from their juice), but the good stuff is that it will pull the most of it’s followers from explore. And at the end those two accounts are MINE. I mean…. does not really matter if my new account take followers from my main account. Those followers are still mine. Now me saying that “Those followers are still mine” you would say “than why you are not happy your new account take from your main account at the moment ? “. Because the snowball effect just kicked in. I need the ball to get bigger, before I start growing a new account.

    So at the end of 2017, I won’t to have 10 000 000 followers across 10~ accounts. Now that may sound like a too high goal, but it’s really not. The biggest problem is the first 100k of the journey. Trust me after that is a pleasure. One big account grows another, after that two accounts grow one ( a lot faster than 1 acc grow 1 acc ) … after that 3 accounts grow 2 new accounts…. Five accounts grow 1 account, etc, etc…. I’ve seen how 3x 250-350k accounts in the same niche grows account from 0 to 100k in 3 weeks. That Like system is just powerful.

    Oh, something I was about to forgot, that is really important. Now that may sounds like a conspiracy, but this is my experience. When I was liking the posts of my new account… it was like only the first 4-5 were boosted. It’s like after the 5-th like my account loose power. I thought… well my followers are bored to like what I like… But that was not the case, because the next day same thing repeat. Maybe IG stop showing my activity to them after the first few likes…. may it’s because I like posts of same account again and again. I don’t know. But I will find out, i like to test things.

    Oh something else that is important if you choose to pay your way, or mix it like me. When you reach big pages, asking for Like price and they reply, you like their offer and you are ready to make the deal with them…. make sure of this: Explain them that you want your likes to be delivered ONE HOUR BEFORE they like ANYTHING and NOT TO LIKE ANYTHING ONE HOUR after they give you like. I can’t stress enough how important this is! I will try to explain. If that account like few posts now, his followers will see bunch of small pictures in their FOLLOWING feed. So their attention will not be focused on a single post. Okay ? Do you understand ? The posts this account like will stay in the FOLLOWING feed for about an hour. This is why you want this big page NOT to like anything one hour before give you the like…. this way his followers will see only your post in their FOLLOWING feed. Okay ? xD And he should NOT like anything one hour after they give you a like…. just because of the same reason…. there will be more than one thing in the feed of their followers. If they refuse, do not deal with them. I promise you, if they don’t do it that way, you won’t be happy with the result.
    When you deal with someone, make a new IG account and follow just the page that will promote you. Communicate via Kik, viber or whatever app. The big page MUST give you the like in the first minute after you post. VERY IMPORTANT ! I don’t know why is this, there is no logic…. yes, BUT my experience shows that if the post is not liked in the first minute, the boost is not that effective. Actually close to no effect at all. So Explain that guy who’s going to provide the likes that you need to communicate, follow ONLY him with your new account ( no bio, pics or whatever, just blank account ) and check you FOLLOWING activity, watch if he is doing what you paid for. Tell him turn ON post notifications. Just synchronize your work with him. If it’s a serious person, he will do it professional and at some point you won’t need to spy on him, you will trust him.

    Little about the Monetization

    eBook promotion

    The idea was this: produce my very own eBook for the niche, extremely connected stuff. Pay to somebody to write down that eBook, create associate degree awful cowl and publish to amazon. At the top of the book you wish one thing like ” Key: i prefer the rain “. Post the link for the eBook within the Bio and make a case for people who you may offer them free shout out if they purchase your book, and you wish the Key + a number of their best HQ footage. they have to mail them to you, beside their username, Key from the eBook and footage. You see the good half here, affirmative ? they have to shop for the eBook to understand the key. No Key – no shout out. folks in antibody square measure attention whores. They like shout outs, they like attention, they need to be renowned. they’re going to purchase your eBook. thus make a case for them it is a win-win scenario. They get helpful info from your eBook and bonus they get a shout out. I even have explained this on a landing page for that eBook, i wished to form positive folks see the great deal here. And here’s the great part: affirmative, you get cash from the eBook, you get content to post AND you get well end in amazon. as a result of once additional folks purchase your eBook, higher you climb in amazon seek for specific keywords. additional folks from amazon square measure shopping for your eBook. great things 🙂 however here’s the dangerous stuff in my method:
    Lets say the book you sells is nine.99$, folks can purchase and you want to offer them a shout out. What if their footage square measure trash ? hazy, boring, inferiority footage ? you want to post them. This have an effect on your engagement. At some purpose it doesn’t price to 10$. thus this technique is nice, once your page is in vary of 70-80k. And it all rely upon what reasonably account you’ve got, niche … you know.

    What is CPI

    CPI also stands for Cost Per Install. this is often one thing higher. Currently I will not say that network i exploit, and every one that. thus i will be able to justify the thought while not being precise. In my niche and my method of growing accounts, I do this: Contact 50-100-200 individuals ( told you that already, however can repeat just in case you forgot ) i favor and raise from their permission to require content from them and post in my account. after I perpetually offer credit back. ninetieth of them agree, thus I wrongfully have permission to use that content. i favor to sleep smart. thus I even have a landing page, wherever I collect individuals mails, Instagram usernames, names and their footage. they’re submitting for an opportunity to be featured. At the tip of the submit, I raise them to verify they’re humans associate degreed raise them to put in an app. once they do this, submission is finished. I get 0.15 – 0.90$ per install. a number of them get a shout out, if i favor what I see. as a result of I will not risk my engagement for a few cents and that i make certain they perceive it isn’t 100% secured.

    Account stats:

    Followers: 92.7k ( in the time I write this post it grows with 200 people LOL )

    I will update my account stats Weekly, but I will check the thread daily, to see if anyone is asking something and try to help him.

    Okay, wish me luck and enjoy !

    Instagram account growth

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