How To Start A Successful Blog : Step #2 – Build Your Website : 1. Domain Registration & Hosting Setup

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    1. Finding the Proper Domain Name

    The first step for building your website is domain registration and hosting setup for finding the domain than mach your brand you can use

    I like for finding a good brand name. I try not to use Exact Match Domains (EMD) anymore. Although they do help a bit in the Search Engines (SE), they also make it much easier to over-optimize and hurt your chances at ranking, so unless you feel very comfortable with the current state of SEO and the regular changes, I wouldn’t recommend using an EMD.

    It’s not a bad idea at all to find an expired domain, or a domain that is being auctioned off. You can often find a good domain that already has authority, age and quality backlinks. This will give you an immediate boost in search engine credibility and could even give you a little immediate traffic! You can use free services like or paid services like to find a good one. You can watch this video tutorial that explains how to find a good quality domain using those tools

    2. Get the Domain on a Server (Hosting Account)

    Now you’ll need to get your new site added to your hosting account. If you don’t have a hosting account you can get a cheap shared hosting account and that will be perfectly fine for now. There are many reputable companies out there like and

    3. Changeing the Nameservers

    Now you’ll need to log back into your registrar account and change the nameservers from the registrars to your hosting company’s nameservers. Your hosting company should have provided your nameservers when you signed up with them. Each registrar has a different process for changing them, but it should be a very quick and easy process. You will just need to ask your registrar company where to do that if it is not obvious. Each domain in your account will need to have the nameservers set.


    The nameservers are just as the name implies: the names of the server. Your website will be put on a server from your hosting account and that server has a “name” that your registrar can find and “point” your domain to.


    So without setting these nameservers, your domain registrar will not know where to find the content of your website. Once you’ve added the nameservers, they will then look at the server on your hosting account in order to find the files for your site and deliver those files to the website visitors who go to your website address. That’s all, you are pretty much done with domain registration & hosting setup.

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