Is SEO Still Worth It in 2015 ?

Is SEO Still worth It in 2015
Is SEO Still worth It in 2015

As an experienced SEO & marketing specialist I often get asked “ Is SEO Still worth it in 2015 ? ” well to answer this question that Is SEO Still worth It in 2015 or not we have to take a close look at many factors.

I think I know why marketing and advertising are favorites among bean counter looking for places to “cut costs.” It can be summed up in an oft-quoted statement: “Half of our advertising works – we just do not know which part is the case.”

In other hand, it is hard to quantify. This may have been the case, as ad dollars were primarily from newspapers, TV and radio spent. Fortunately, with internet marketing and web status and analytics, this is completely different story.

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So Is SEO Still Worth It in 2015 ?

The beauty of digital marketing is that you can easily and accurately measure the return on your marketing investment. The success factor is to measure these metrics correctly. I can be a marketer, but I’m a numbers guy and an entrepreneur.

If I decide to make an investment, I’m pretty sure of the outcome. I trust that most successful entrepreneurs and managers work the same way.

Measuring Organic Search (SEO) ROI

Is SEO Still worth it in 2015

Below is a formula that uses often wrong, return on investment (ROI) for organic search to Measure:

Organic Search ROI Calculation Assuming “One Shots”

Example: selling SEO Plugins
Number of new customers found you via organic search in a given month 10
Average net income (profit) per order $100
Total profits from new organic search customers in a given month $1,000
Monthly marketing budget (expense) $2,500
Monthly profits from new customers ($1,000) divided by monthly organic marketing spend ($2,500) ROI = -60%


Another answer to Is SEO Still worth it in 2015 is if your average customer buys only from you at a time that is a problem. However, most online retailers based on repeat business to thrive.

If the value for the lifetime of a newly acquired customers calculate distorts the true ROI. The proper way to calculate the ROI when regular customers are the norm, as follows:


Organic Search Results ROI Calculation for Lifetime Value

Same example: selling blue widgets
Number of unique customers found you via organic search in a given month 10
Average net income (profit) per order $100
Total profits from new organic search customers in a given month $1,000
Average number of orders per customer over a “lifetime” 5
Total average lifetime profit $5,000
Monthly marketing budget (expense) $2,500
Average lifetime profits from new customers ($5,000) divided by monthly organic marketing spend ($2,500) ROI = 200%

As you can see, a variable can make a big difference in the calculation of ROI properly. Now we got closer to answer Is SEO Still worth It in 2015 or not. Lest talk about other aspects.

Organic Search requires constant investment

Organic search is not as PPC; one should not expect an organic search campaign for immediate results. A well-designed organic campaign is an ideal combination of content marketing and link building activities, complemented by social support.

Take time to research and execute these activities – not the time going to mention all the work before Google indexes.

The Paradox of Google

Is SEO Still worth it in 2015

According to Albert Einstein, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different type of results. SEO has well proven to be the exception case.

In fact, exactly the same activities that once gave a KW notion of a numbered now trigger in the SERPs, manual or algorithmic pain. In other words, do the same, as in the past, can and will result in very different results.

Developing SEO Budget

to answer this question Is SEO Still worth it in 2015 ? you should have clear undrestanding of SEO budget. I am often asked by potential customers, how much money should be to achieve budget by Goal X in Y time.

It would be great if search marketing was like programming – a straight-up “if this, then that” proposition. Unfortunately, it is not so easy. There are too many variables outside the game.
Affects the rate of reaching an objective of a number of factors beyond your control.

Or the marketer Things like the number of competitors in a niche, the quality of competing sites, the quality of competitor profiles, and the strength of the competing brands are all variables which impact how fast can you get traction in the organic search will have.
That is, the right budget is one that you comfortably afford and stay for at least three to six months. It takes too long prepare a plan, organize it, develop it, execute that, and then carefully evaluate the success rate of a campaign. In general, more budget dollars equivalent to more resources, accelerate the fulfillment of its objectives.

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Choosing SEO Strategy

There is no shortage of information about how an SEO choose here on Search Engine Watch. That said, I’ll keep my attention on what to avoid switch:

  • E-mail spammers. Do you really think it’s a good idea to use a disposable Gmail account to trust some anonymous clown with your online success? You have already marketing protocol if not violated the law by sending an unsolicited e-mail. What makes you think that they conform to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines?
  • Companies that promote and sell “Cheap Backlinks.” To obtain a company’s commitment to approve backlinks is similar to paying for a penguin shock or manual penalty. I have one of these companies do editors find link building. Instead, they are in link schemes, with the webmaster guidelines Google is not binding.
  • Companies that promote and sell “Cheap content.” Purchase and publication of poor quality content is the first step to beat Panda in the SERPs. If you think good content is expensive, it is a bargain compared to the cost recovery of a penalty.
  • Fiverr – (Possible exception – Churn and burn partner sites). My inbox is filled daily with horror stories of entrepreneurs who are desperate, a sloppy SEO work caused from the penalty spot to relax. Many did not know the rules. Others did not care, because whatever was done, worked.


So Is SEO Still worth It in 2015? of course, SEO is still worth it in 2015. If you were to have difficulties in determining what to spend to prove the calculations useful in developing a budget. Do not take the “Cheap SEO” bait.

There is no point in paying a “Bargain SEO Firm”, the work, that is, more often than not, against Google guidelines and almost certainly trigger a panda or hit penguin.


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